Insurance Explained

Insurance provide safety in case of financial loss due to unknown or accidental causes, both nature and human produced. It is to protect what matters most to you from future unknown.

What is your most valuable assets and why do we insure it ?

You can feel more confident by protecting what’s important to you.
Let’s choose the investments to help you live the life you want.
Get the information you need to help make decisions with confidence.
Annual Income At Age 25 At Age 35 At Age 45

* Based on your current annual income and assuming a 2.5% increase each year.

It Protects

Insurance can’t replace you emotionally but it can replace you financially, when Insurance is at Work!

How Much Insurance Do You Need?

In general the amount of insurance you require will be based on the amount needed to replace your income.

Plus any cash that your family requires such as a mortgage fund, emergency fund, child education fund, final expenses etc.,

* For detailed calculations, please refer to the “Financial Needs Worksheet”

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