Principles of Investing

Investments are your assets that appreciate and ensures that you continue to get return without putting much efforts into it and fight off against inflating products and depreciating currency.

Always Start Today

Starting earlier is the key, earlier you invest, the quicker you get returns with more compounded growth.

Understand how investing wisely would benefit in reducing taxation and/or maximizing the grants. 

Understanding Risk and Return

It is important to understand the exposure to risk and potential of return before you make any investment.

Systematic Investing-Dollar Cost Averaging

System Investing is important to understand in order to know how much and when to buy as well as sell.

Diversification / Asset Allocation

How you should diversify your investments to make the most out of it and it accommodates your personality trait as well.

What type of Investor You are?


✔️ Rebranding is systematically selling high and buying low.
✔️ On regular basis, you re-establish the original asset mix by selling what has increased and reallocating to those funds, which have decreased or grown at a slower pace.
✔️ This will result in better performance over the long term.

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